Who's the designer behind X Ware? Well you've come to the right place.

My name's Louis, otherwise known as xorsyst. I got interested in There after finding out about it from a Sims Online site that I frequently visit. I have been part of the Sims Online beta test since September of 2002. Over a year ago, when I was reading about The Sims Online, the author painted this great picture of how The Sims Online was going to be this open world that allowed its players to build, live and shape the city. However when I was finally able to participate in the closed beta test, I was quite disappointed by the lack of freedom. Most of the features the author wrote about never made it into the game. So, after reading an article on There, I was amazed by how much There seemed to be everything that The Sims Online wasnt. I instantly signed up for the beta test.

So as of now, im just waiting for my invitation. As I've found out, its hard waiting when you're really excited about trying out There. While checking out the member sites on There, I ran across a link to ThereUniverse.com. It was there that I met Spliff, Jaysin, and everyone in the ThereUniverse IRC room. Another reason that I was attracted to There was the fact that users are able to make thier own content (something that was promised with The Sims Online, and has yet to make it into the game. I love graphics design, so There has allowed me to put the best of both worlds together. With the help of Jaysin, I was able to start designing clothes while I wait for my beta test invitation. I may be new to the There community, but you can be sure I will be around for quite a while.

*UPDATE* As of March 27th, 2003, I have been accepted into There. My There username is xorsyst. Contact me ingame or add me to your buddy lists!

Any questions, or just want to contact me?

AIM: xorsystdotcom
YIM: xorsystdotcom
Website: xorsyst.com
Email: xorsyst@xorsyst.com